home sweet home

Finding housing in Trondheim is hard. Really hard. There is student housing, but international PhD students aren’t eligible for it so I had to find something on my own. After spending hours over many days responding to almost a million ads (ok, more like 25 or 30) on the Norwegian equivalent of craigslist with only one response (that the room had been filled), I was convinced I was going to have to sleep on a park bench.

But alas, it all worked out (with, when it comes down to it, little stress) and I have a warm bed in a cozy apartment to call home. I live with a Norwegian who owns the apartment and rents out his second bedroom. Over the past few years he has renovated the entire place – the only surface that remains from when he bought it is the exterior door! It is really nice, relatively cheap, has lots of light, and has been a great place to call home thus far.

flat collage

And one of the big perks is the location. It is about a 25 minute walk into the city center and a much faster bus ride, but as of now I am too cheap to pay $5 for a bus ride regularly. There are some great running routes nearby. Annnnd, see that brick building outside my bedroom window? That is where I work! My windows face each other (yes, I have a window in my office at work – so exciting after working in a cave for the past 5 years!). The 60 second commute will hopefully make the 8am* start at work less painful.

My roommate, Eivind, is super nice. He has gone out of his way to make me feel at home here – translating at the grocery store, showing me nearby trails to run on, and giving me insight into Norwegian culture. It has been great so far!

It is a solid win on the housing front.

*I won’t admit when I typically show up at work in Seattle, lets just say it isn’t 8am. But I also don’t head home at 4pm.

Aside: I have been so incredibly tired over the past few days. I want to believe it is jet-lag (I read it can take a day per time zone crossed to recover) but I’ve never been jet-lagged like this before. It was so hard to get up this morning and now, at 5pm (this is in my typically golden period of tons of energy), I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I hoped a run would cure me of the tiredness yesterday, but I just felt sluggish the entire time. What gives?!?!

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