exploring estenstadmarka

This past weekend was a busy one. Again, as has been the case for the past 2 weekends, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I’m getting spoiled here. The leaves are changing,  the air is crisp, and all weekend the sun was shining.

As I’ve said before, Trondheim is bordered by hills and forests (marka) to both the east and the west. On Friday evening Anders asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride. 16+ hilly miles on an old mountain bike that doesn’t shift (or brake) all that well my bike back home seem like the fastest bike on the road! But I keep reminding myself that it was free and it works. Oh, and the ride was really pretty too.

bike ride

Friday night’s bike ride route                                            

But it is safe to say that my bum wasn’t all that happy when I hopped on my bike again bright and early the next day. I headed back up the hill to Estenstadmarka with Madeleine, this time to explore the forest a bit by foot. A layer of clouds/fog covered much of the city in the morning but above, at our destination, we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. The forest was a mish-mash of trails – some well-marked, others not so much; some well-maintained, others not so much. We wandered around – enjoying the fresh air and trying to avoid the mud puddles until we could no longer resist the pull of cinnamon buns. A snack with a view… yes please!






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