kristiansten festning {fortress}

I took a bit of a stroll up to the Kristiansten Fortress on the way to a flea market on Sunday. Trondheim isn’t a year round tourist destination (I don’t know if much of Norway is…) so many of the “attractions” are only open from mid-May until mid-September. Or in the case of the fortress, only July and August. That meant I could only walk around the grounds and take in the amazing views of the city and the fjord. Not too shabby.



The fortress was built in the 1680’s to defend from attack from the east. Which worked until the Swedes invaded in 1718. The fortress was also used by the Germans during their occupation of Norway during WWII. Members of the Norwegian Resistance were executed here.




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One Response to kristiansten festning {fortress}

  1. jessica says:

    I want more photos! What are those bars on the walls for? I saw alot of those during my travels last week. Was the building leaning forward a bit too?
    Miss you! First measurable snow fell last night!

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