Fårikål is a traditional fall meal in Norway. Lamb, cabbage, pepper, salt, and water. The last Thursday of September is National Fårikål Day. My roommate was a few days late in hosting his own fårikål dinner, because seriously, who schedules a holiday which revolves around making a big meal on a Thursday?! Oh wait…


The big steaming pot of lamb and cabbage was complimented by potatoes and akvavit, a traditional Scandinavian liquor. This particular akvavit travelled on a ship which passed over the equator twice – “The constant movement, high humidity and fluctuating temperature cause the spirit to extract more flavour and contributes to accelerated maturation” (thanks wikipedia).


The verdict? I definitely cleared my plate, including finishing all the cabbage – something I don’t particularly like. But would I go out of my way to make it again? Probably not (then again, that isn’t saying much considering my minimal repertoire in the kitchen).


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