bymarka: the city forest

by: city, marka: forest

After almost 2 months in Trondheim I finally took a proper trip up to Bymarka, the forested area bordering town to the west.


Accessible by both a tram and a bus, it doesn’t take long to leave the city behind and get into the great outdoors. On this particular trip, on a beautiful fall day last weekend, I took the tram to Lian and began my adventures with this view:


I was thankful I had the foresight to by a map beforehand because Bymarka was not nearly as well marked as Estenstadmarka. I wandered around for a bit, hoping I was on the right path, and coming across things like this:


I’m guessing it is for when the snow is too high to allow the gate to open? The trails vary in size – from one-lane dirt roads and wider paths, to what I would consider traditional hiking trails. It was a bit muddy at times, but for the most part easy walking. Most of these hiking trails are also nordic ski trails (some of them lit during the evenings). I bought myself a pair of used nordic skis last month and now they sit in the corner of my room, just waiting…


Finally I saw a sign for Grønlia, letting me know that I was indeed headed in the right direction. Why Grønlia? Well because I wanted some cake, of course! Scattered through the forest are little huts serving warm food and drink. They are typically open during the weekend and then on a specific day during the week, such that there is one open each day. Last Wednesday I went for an evening walk in Estenstadmarka with some coworkers and once at the hut I had dinner (meatballs and potatoes, not just some measly sandwich)! Given that it was 8pm (thus had been dark for hours), it was amazing how many people dined along with us! If you come to visit me, we will be making a visit to one of these huts!


After enjoying my chocolate cake, I realized I had to get moving if I planned on making the last bus back into town. I timed it perfectly, arriving 15 minutes early for the bus, just as the sun was setting. And then I looked at the bus schedule once more. While the bus came at 12:15, 1:15, 2:15 and 3:15, it did not come at 4:15 but instead 4:55. The prospect of waiting for 55 minutes in the dark as it started to get colder wasn’t all that exciting.


So instead, it was another Norwegian first, I asked the harmless looking guy in the parking lot if he could give me a ride back to the center of town. 15 minutes and a good conversation later I was back at my bike. First solo trip to Bymarka – success!


I’m exciting to go back and explore some more. It is something to keep me busy while I am waiting waiting waiting for the snow to fall!!

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