one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish {the bergen fish market}

When we decided to go to Bergen, Madeleine suggested finding ourselves a place to stay on airbnb. I had only first heard of the site this summer – it is a website dedicated to finding short stay apartments/houses in cities all over the world – and was curious about how it would work. The verdict? Fabulously!


For not much more than the cost of 2 beds in a hostel dorm room, Madeleine found us an adorable apartment located right in the center of Bergen. It was nice to have a quiet (minus the Saturday night party in the hallway) place to unpack and relax. And, in a country where eating out will cost you your first born child, having a kitchen was clutch!


Which brings us to the Bergen fish market… It doesn’t compare to the Pike Place Market (and no fish were thrown during our visit), but there was plenty of yummy looking seafood. With the exception of some fish cakes, I actually had yet to have seafood in Norway – but we were about to remedy that. Having a kitchen at our disposal meant we could do more than just take pictures of the fish, we could actually bring some home for dinner!


We bought some sort of local crab (rock crab, perhaps?) to enjoy with rice and snap peas. After a quick Skype call to Madeleine’s parents to confirm that, yes the crab was already cook and good to go (kitchen connoisseur I am not!) we got down to business. And by that I mean, we were totally dominated by those crab legs. We underestimated the shell strength of those suckers! Note to self: reconsider purchasing crab when you don’t have claw crackers. 30 minutes later, with sticky fingers and bits of crab all over the place, our bellies were satisfied – but it was quite a workout!


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