and then it was winter

My only complaint about life in Trondheim has been the lack of snow. I came here to ski and I can’t do that without snow. And snow isn’t going to come when the temperature is hovering around 3 or 4 degrees (celsius).

When I woke up and stumbled into the kitchen on Sunday morning, I just thought it was foggy outside (common here). Then I realized that it wasn’t just fog, but snowflakes too! I literally did a happy dance across the kitchen floor!



In my neighborhood there was only a dusting (not quite enough to bring out the xc skis), but higher up in the hills there was close to half a foot! It was even cold enough to bust out the long underwear on my Sunday afternoon walk around town!


Last night I needed to return my loaner bike to its rightful owner. The roads have gotten to treacherous for Astrid’s commuter bike and she needed her old bike, on which she’ll put studded tires, to get to work and back for the winter.  Astrid was at the football game just down the street from me and said I’d run the bike over to her – which led to her sneaking me into the stadium for the second half of the game. I wasn’t properly dressed, missing a hat and gloves, and any sort of shell layer (thank goodness I was still wearing my long underwear), but as the snow swirled around above the field and the crowd chanted and cheered for Rosenborg I didn’t feel one bit cold. While I could have just as easily been at Qwest Field (or whatever it is called now) watching the Sounders on a day of rare snow in Seattle, it felt like one of those moments that you only get to experience when you leave the comforts of your home to travel to and explore someplace new.

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