The hardest part about Thanksgiving in Trondheim wasn’t even that hard! We had to visit some of the “fancy” grocery stores to find turkeys, pumpkin puree and fresh cranberries – but there was nothing we were lacking for to successfully pull off a Thanksgiving in Norway. Not having Thursday off meant we held our Thanksgiving on Saturday, but given that the Americans were outnumbered by the Norwegians, most of our guests didn’t know any better. It also meant that they wouldn’t know if we messed anything up!


Madeleine and her (American) roommate were so great to host and did most of the cooking. My contribution to the meal: cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes (sans marshmallows) – 2 of my favorite things!


I had invited my roommate along for his first Thanksgiving. He seemed to be a bit apprehensive about the sweet potatoes (that seems to be the general consensus here, they seriously don’t know what they are missing) and was doubting my instructions to not eat prior to our late afternoon meal. But he said after that the sweet potatoes were actually his favorite dish and he complained the next morning about still being full – success!


There are so many things I am thankful for in my life but the opportunity to be here is Norway takes the cake pie this year!


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One Response to thanksgiving

  1. Sam says:

    that looks positively perfect 🙂 snow is falling here! but I have yet to partake. love keeping track on your posts!

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