on the job

Coffee Break

At two o’clock most afternoons people in the office gather for coffee break. There is a lounge of sorts in the middle of the office with comfy couches and chairs. It is where we eat lunch too.


The conversation is mostly in Norwegian. Occasionally someone will start a conversation in English for my benefit. Or they’ll clue me in on their talking about. But mostly I just listen. I try to pick up words here and there. This week I could pick out “Tine” and “smør” and knew they were talking about the butter shortage. Or often I can figure out what is going on just by peoples’ facial expressions and body language. Even if I don’t understand, I tell myself that I am learning by osmosis.

It is really nice to get up from my desk and away from my computer, especially for lunch. It gives me time to clear my head and relax a bit. I’m as guilty as the next person American in eating too many lunches at my desk. My plan is to try and step away from my desk for lunch as much as I can when I get back to UW.

My office

My office here is nice. It is probably about half the size of my office at UW, but I have it all to myself – as opposed to sharing with 4 others back home. And as I said before, I have a window! And it even opens.


Here is the view in the other direction, from my office towards my apartment (I’m on the 4th/top floor and my bedroom window is second from the left). I also have a view of the hills of Bymarka. My productivity possibly suffers, but I spend much of my day gazing out my window, watching the clouds and sunsets.


The only downside to my office setup is that there is no Erica, Maura, Felipe, Wenjuan or Zun to keep me entertained!

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