julebord {christmas party}

This past Friday was my office’s Julebord – directly translated at Christmas Table. In otherwords… it was a Christmas party!


The party was held in a restaurant on the edge of Bymarka with a view of the city. There was wine and speeches and then some singing? We sang about an alligator named Theodor  and something about nachspiel (after parties). I was a bit confused, but the singing seems to be a common theme among these parties.


The most important part of the party was obviously the food -a buffet full of traditional Norwegian Christmas food. I tried it all including ribbe (roast pork rib), pinnekjøtt (dried and salted lamb), and lutefisk (fish that has been soaked in lye). Supposedly you either love it or hate it, the lutefisk that is – but I somehow fell in the middle. It wasn’t bad but I probably won’t be going out of my way to eat it again anytime soon.


After dinner the party really got started. People had plenty to drink by that point and there was music and dancing. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate on what happened late night as I was one of the first to leave (early morning ski plans). But from what I’ve heard about Norwegian Christmas parties, it is likely to have gotten a bit crazy…

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