Fresh off my trip to Oppdal, I hopped back on the train for another little getaway (life as a visiting PhD student is tough…). My friend Madeleine invited me to join in on a trip to Røros with 2 of her old roommates. Røros is a small former mining town about 2 hours southeast of Trondheim. It is supposedly once of the coldest places in Norway, with temperatures frequently dipping into the –30s and –40s! The days before our trip the forecast predicted temperatures as low as –19, but we were pleasantly surprised when it ended up being a balmy –9 or so.

Our trip conveniently coincided with the town’s Christmas Market, perfect for those of us (me) who had yet to begin Christmas shopping.



The streets were lined with stalls selling handicrafts and specialty foods. There were fire pits to warm up beside. And as the sun began to set, lights and candles (Norwegians love their candles!) lit the town.




We ended the evening at a Christmas concert in the church. Given the number and variety of bands and choirs that performed, it seemed like everyone in the town participated! Music seems to be highly valued and encouraged in Norwegian culture. Off-hand I know of 6 people with whom I worked (out of ~25) that were part of some sort of organized musical group in Trondheim (symphony, choir, band…). I don’t think I know a single person in the US that plays/sings regularly (beyond their living room). Kind of crazy to compare!


Røros is a rather sleepy town, but that was a-ok with us. We headed back to our hytta (hut) for some dinner and turned in early in preparation for the next day’s outdoor adventure!

The next morning we slept in (which is so easy to do when the sun waits so long to come up!) and hit the nearby ski trails. The Røros ski trip was a fabulously great ski trip which came before the disastrous Bymarka ski trip (excuse my posting out of order) and it what got me really excited about cross country skiing. We were the only skiers out there, the snow was fluffy, and I was in good company!


I even spent most of the time on my feet. But not all.


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3 Responses to røros

  1. Such a lovely place! Although clearly you have forgotten about my mad clarinet husky marching band playing!

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