tilbake til norge {back to norway}

It would be a tough call to determine which 3 months went by faster – the 3 months in Norway in the fall or the past 3 months here in Seattle. Just a few hours from now I will be Scandinavia-bound! I’m actually headed to Iceland before Norway for a short 3-day trip, which I am considering a recognizance trip for a future, longer trip, but by the middle of next week I’ll be settling into my old apartment in Trondheim.

But back to Norway… or really Seattle. While I was back I did my best to not forget my Norwegian “roots.” Luckily in Seattle that isn’t too hard.

I started up Norwegian language classes again and practiced some of my Norwegian on one of my ski buddies (who grew up in Norway). I made a couple of new Norwegian friends who live here in Seattle. I watched Hawaii, Oslo and checked out a few episodes of Lilyhammer (see below). I read a few Jo Nesbø books and kept up with Norwegian news. I ate at the Copper Gate and got caught in the middle of a crowd of crazy Norwegians running a Leif Erikson 5K in Ballard. I even had a few Norwegian visitors – colleagues from SINTEF came into town for a workshop and I was able to introduce them to good Seattle beer and good Seattle skiing! Not too shabby.

I’m anxious to get back to Trondheim! It is a mix of excitement and worry (worry that these next couple months won’t be as awesome as my first few months here, yes I am aware that is just silly talk). But at this point there is nothing left to do but hop on that plane and head north (and east)!

Lilyhammer. You can find it on Netflix streaming. It is pretty funny.

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