My friend, Steph, invited me to join her for a party up at the Studenterhytta (student cabin) in Bymarka – conveniently something on my to-do list. Visiting the cabin, I mean, but I won’t turn down free beer…


The cabin is owned and run by NTNUI, which is the university’s student sports organization. It is in Bymarka (the large forest just outside town) and surrounded by ski and hiking trails. The cabin is open a couple of nights a week for dinner, relaxing, and sauna-going after playing around in the forest. During the weekend you can even stay the night. The hut is also open during the exams period for studying.



The weekend party was for people who had volunteered at the hut during the semester (Steph had volunteered and invited me as her guest). We enjoyed the sauna and then had a rather interesting dinner – suspended from the rafters…


As copious amounts of homebrew were consumed, this became a bit dangerous! Personally I decided to eat my dinner and then return to the ground for the rest of the night. Only 2 people took a tumble…

IMG_2227(view from the hut – the snowy mountain in the distance is Vassfjellet, where I skied my first weekend back in Norway)

After an evening of beer-drinking, song-singing, and dance-partying – embracing my inner 23-year old, we awoke to sunny skies. While Bymarka had gotten the best of me last time, I was determined to redeem myself. The snow is slowly melting away but there was still enough left to ski.


At least for a bit anyway…


And I am happy to report that while I am still not yet a rockstar on cross-country skis, I spent most of the time on my feet and there were no tears shed or body parts injured!

Here is to another fine weekend in Norway!

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2 Responses to studenterhytta

  1. Megan says:

    im no longer a student, but i would love to do something like this!!!

  2. Eating in the ceiling is awesome. I feel as though Seattlites would benefit from adopting that tradition!

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