the sun before the rain {a random Thursday in Trondheim}

Norwegians are like Seattleites/Seattleites are like Norwegians- any bit of sun after a long and dreary winter and we cancel other plans in order to get outside and enjoy it. The weather hasn’t been too bad since my return to Trondheim. Sure, there was all that snow at Easter. And a bit more snow last week. Then on Monday I think we experienced all 4 seasons in one afternoon… But I think there have been more sunny days than rainy days, which is really what matters. And as they say in Norway, there isn’t such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

I’ve spent the past sunny week exploring new areas of town by bike, running my first Norwegian road race, and playing volleyball in shorts and a t-shirt. When the weather forecast called for a big impending rain storm threatening to bring 30 mm of rain today (which didn’t happen, although it has been dreary, drizzly and grey all day),  it was decided that we shouldn’t spend these last hours of sun bouldering indoors as planned. Instead it was off to the fjord for a BBQ!

Not a bad view huh?


I first encountered these nifty grills when I was in Copenhagen a few years ago. While not the most environmentally friendly product, they make spontaneous BBQs so easy. You can find them at any grocery store and a lot of public places have special receptacles for their safe disposal.


It is times like these that highlight how life in Trondheim is similar to life in Seattle. Good people, good food, good beer – just trade Korsvika for Greenlake or Gas Works – and you have the perfect recipe for an enjoyable evening regardless of what continent you are on. Although there is one clear way in which Trondheim beats out Seattle – who can argue with a 10pm sunset (and there is still 6 weeks until the solstice!).



The only downside to our dinnertime view of the water was the wind that accompanied it. Norwegian summer – sunny but cold! Luckily I’ve perfected a way to stay warm. Typically I just dance like no one is watching (it gets the blood pumping and keeps me from tensing up, which I think is the key – plus it is fun!), but trying to capture the perfect jumping shot on camera works just as well!

559540_3809174195232_1453792232_3298807_937796102_n (2)

I have to admit that I am a bit thankful for today’s dreary weather. This week’s gallivanting and staying up late has taken its toll on me. I’m tired and in need of a night in. The sun is threatening to make an appearance again tomorrow and I need to be ready for it!

543644_3809173555216_1453792232_3298804_725930109_n (2)

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