A few weeks ago I was discussing desserts with some friends. And cupcakes came up -specifically the trendy type of cupcake, not the ones you brought to school for your birthday in elementary school.

{Trondheim’s very own cupcake bakery, Fairytale Cupcakes} photos from their facebook page

Imagine someone who has only had her first cupcake that day describing it to someone who has never had a cupcake before. It went something like this:

Friend 1 (F1): “It was like a muffin, but not really.”

Friend 2 (F2): “Did it taste like a muffin?”

F1: “No. More like a… brownie.”

[I interject] “It tastes like cake…”

F1: “But it looks like a muffin. And then there is all this stuff on top. It is really sweet. It is like pure sugar.”

[I interject again] “We call that frosting. I think that is the best part.”

F1: “Frosting? But it isn’t cold…”

Me: “Hmmmm, true… neither is icing…”

F1: “It was just so much sugar. I couldn’t even eat half.”

F2: “So like a muffin…”

a few minutes later, discussing plans for a party that weekend:

F2: “Kelly, you should bring those cupcake things!”

Well, it turns out that the bike ride home was a bit hard on the cupcakes. Bike riding in the city center often means bumpy streets and jumping up and down curbs. While they looked like quite a mess, I thought I ought to at least taste test one two to make sure they still tasted ok. The verdict? The salted chocolate cupcake was delish. So was the strawberry one…


I did manage to save the remaining 4 for the party.

So what did they think?? I think opinions were mixed. The guys in the group seemed to be more focused on the beer than the cupcakes, while the girls were able to multitask (per usual) and could enjoy both! I’m not sure that the cupcake craze is going to take off in Norway like it has in the US, but Fairytale Cupcakes are yummy! And expensive. Anyone care to guess how much these 6 cupcakes cost??

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2 Responses to cupcakes!

  1. Kristina says:

    First – excellent joke about ladies’ multitasking abilities – touche.
    Second – Those cupcakes are expensive in the US, so I’m guessing that 6 cupcakes were about $30 in Norway.
    Third – you are awesome. Thanks for the entertaining blogs!

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