midnight sun

Here in Trondheim we don’t quite experience the midnight sun. On the longest days of the year the sun rises at 3:02am and sets at 11:38pm. That is 20 hours and 35 minutes of daylight! But from May 20th to July 20th , there is actually no true darkness as the sun is just barely below the horizon.


View from an evening run, 9:15pm

Surprisingly it has been more difficult to handle the never-ending daylight than the winter darkness. While sleeping in only a semi-darkness is manageable, the biggest problem is that it is so easy to just forget to head to bed! As I am writing this right now it is 10pm, and it could just as easily be the middle of the afternoon. I find myself unintentionally staying up later and later each night, and regretting it each morning as I drag myself out of bed for work.


see what I mean?! 10:05pm

The best part of such long days is that you don’t have to get up early and rush outside to make the most of the day – because the days last FOREVER! Yesterday I slept in, did some school work, and then left for my afternoon adventure around 3pm. I wandered around the forest for several hours, never once being concerned with when the sun was setting, and still made it home with plenty of time to unwind before the start of another week.


views from Geitfjellet, my Sunday “wander”

But I’ve decided that I do need to do something about this pesky sleep deprivation I’ve got going on here (dark circles under the eyes are oh so attractive…). I’ve set an alarm on my watch for 11pm as a remind that if I am not in bed yet I better get there soon.

It is not even day one, and I already suspect this will turn into if I am not home yet, I better get home soon… Because, seriously, how awesome is this forecast!?!


the newspaper is calling it a “heat wave”…

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4 Responses to midnight sun

  1. Megan says:

    this time of year reallllllly screws with me! just how it is never pitch black! guess it makes up for those dreadfully dark winters 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    We can only hope that the weather is still like that when we are there!

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