I signed up for Topp7 during our brilliant summer week. When it was sunny and warm, it seemed like a good idea. But when I woke up on the morning of, trekking through Bymarka in the rain didn’t seem like so much fun anymore. I didn’t want to wimp out, but it just seemed so miserable outside – and 30km, in the rain, by yourself just doesn’t sound like fun. Right when I had decided to officially bail, a friend texted to say he and his girlfriend were in – and that was the motivation I needed to make it happen.

Topp7 is Trondheim’s “råeste tur” (most awesome trip). It is a 30km trek through Bymarka, topping out on 7 peaks along the way (one should note that some of the peaks are a bit pathetic…). It isn’t timed, so it isn’t a race per say – but there is an official start/end, punch cards to prove that you visited all the peaks, a water stop along the way, and a t-shirt at the end. There is also an option to visit just 2 or 5 of the peaks, Topp2 and Topp5 (and if I am being honest, when I forced myself outside on that wet Sunday morning, I told myself that I could quit at 2 or 5 if it was really miserable…).



We arrived at the start almost 2 hours later than originally planned, but by that point the rain had tapered off a bit. And by the afternoon, it could almost be considered nice out (by Norwegian standards at least). When it comes down to it, despite the morning dread, it really wasn’t that bad. I was warm, dry, well-fed and in good spirits for 99% of the trip. And as an added bonus, I think I might have even made progress on conquering my fear of slippery rocks (a slippery rock led to a MCL tear while hiking several years ago)!


Heading up to Gråkallen, peak 4


“Views” from Storheia, the highest point in Bymarka

The most challenging aspect of the entire day (well, besides getting out of bed…) was the mud. You think this is bad…


Well, it got worse…


My gore-tex shoes did their job for quite a while but when the mud is deep enough to reach above the top of your shoes, well there isn’t much you can do about that…

At one point it was decided that maybe if we ran we wouldn’t sink into the muck quite so much. Poor assumption. In fact, if you are running and happen to get your shoe stuck in the mud, you will more likely than not then find yourself running in your socks. Thankfully I found the situation to be more funny than unpleasant, although for a bit I did think I was never going to get my shoe back, the mud was holding on tight and I really had to fight for it!

I was one of 2110 people who participated in the tur, with the majority (1513) completing all 7 peaks. I saw kids as young as 5 or 6 hiking with their parents, as well as both men and women who had to be pushing 80 taking part. Rather inspiring and not too shabby for a rainy Sunday in Trondheim!


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