norwegian roadtrip

To cap off my parents’ trip to Norway we decided to take a roadtrip to see “Norway’s prettiest fjord.”

We took the long way to Geiranger, travelling though Lom and Stryn, before taking the ferry from Hellesylt into Geiranger. We travelled along the same route as I had on my ski trip a few weekends prior. I was surprised that there was still plenty of snow, right down to the road! It was fun to point out to my parents all the places I have skied.

IMG_2863 (2)

The road we travelled on has several long tunnels, each several miles long. They travel through mountains and even under a lake! The road drops from high in the mountains down to the sea. Once we passed through the tunnels, the snow melted away and it seemed more like spring.

IMG_2874 (2)

It was sunny the entire day – until we made it to Geirangerfjorden, of course. Someday I’ll get to see a fjord in the sunshine…

IMG_2970 (2)

Luckily Geirangerfjorden was pretty on a dreary day too. It can be hard to grasp the scale of the fjords. The ship below is a small cruise ship! Every day in the summer, several cruise ships visit the tiny town of Geiranger (population: 300), on the east end of the fjord. We were lucky enough to arrive after all the ships (4 that day!) had departed. The town was quiet and peaceful. I can only imagine what is was like hours before.

IMG_2915 (2)

With the snow melting all around, the waterfalls along the fjord were in full effect. The waterfall below is one of the most famous on the fjord – the Seven Sisters – although only 4 (or maybe 5 or 6) were kind enough to make an appearance.

IMG_2938 (2)

We stayed just north of Geiranger, in an adorable hytta high above yet another fjord. I booked this place in advance, but I think next time I’d wing it (there were signs for available cabins left and right along the road) and not have to worry about making it to a specific destination at the end of the day. Regardless, our cozy abode was lovely. It was a shame to only spend a few waking hours there.

IMG_2976 (2)

On our way back home we travelled through Ålesund and along the Atlantic Road. By this point everyone was pretty tired and couldn’t quite muster up the enthusiasm that Ålesund most likely deserved. Ålesund is on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by water and mountains. In 1904 almost the entire town burnt to the ground. When the town was rebuilt, most of the building were designed in art nouveau style.

We only spent a few hours there, but  I did manage to hike up to a viewpoint above the town and take in the views. Hopefully I’ll get to come back someday to explore more.

IMG_3011 (2)

And with that we headed back to Trondheim via the Atlantic Road, one of Europe’s most beautiful roads. My parents’ Norwegian adventure had come to an end. I’m thankful that their visit gave me a chance to explore more of Norway. From Lofoten to Geiranger, Norway doesn’t disappoint!

IMG_3033 (2)

Check out more photos here or on facebook.

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5 Responses to norwegian roadtrip

  1. Kristina says:

    Wow! I’m adding Ålesund to my list for sure!

  2. Camels & Chocolate says:

    Geiranger was the fjord where I stayed when I went to visit my Norwegian pal Ellen a few years back, and it is definitely on my list of “top five most beautiful places in the world.” You definitely need to stay over there so I have a chance to return while you’re still a local! =)

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