top 10 things i miss about trondheim

This was originally titled “top 10 things i will miss about trondheim” but it never got finished/posted before I left. Now, a month after my return, perhaps it is a bit more telling – I do truly miss all these things!

Here we go:

10. My commute. I measured it – less than 600 feet, door to door. Some people might call that too close to work, but for a girl who thinks there are never enough hours in the day, a 60 second commute is perfect.

9. The food. Granted, there isn’t much selection and I’d be content if I never ate another boiled potato again, but the fish, the brown cheese, the softis, and the strawberries… those I miss.

8. The forests. They were so close, yet made you feel so far away from it all. On one of my last runs I ran into (not literally, thankfully) a moose on the trail. Where was I? Oh yeah, Norway.

7. My appreciation for my life in Seattle. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I love Seattle and the life that I’ve built here.

6. The views. With hills and forest surrounding the city and fjord, there seem to be endless views in Trondheim.

5. The long summer days. Yes, I was tired from the lack of sleep, but the novelty of daylight well beyond midnight had yet to get old. Coming back to my first bits of darkness in close to 2 months was really weird.

4. My ability to run forever here. I think it is because I never left my house with much of a plan beyond exploring. The excitement of exploring counteracted the pain of running up and down all the damn hills! And it all paid off – I ran a (enjoyable!) 10 mile trail race just a week after my return. I’ve been trying to keep the momentum going but this dang dissertation is getting in the way…

3. The toppturs. Yes, the mountains are bigger in Washington, but I was blessed with lots of sunny skiing in Norway!

2. The simplicity of my life here. I had two objectives while in Norway – to work on my dissertation, and to explore Norwegian culture.

1. My friends. I was so lucky to meet so many amazing people in Norway. To quote an old update on facebook: While this country is amazing in itself, it is definitely the people who I have met that have defined my experience. I’m thankful for everyone who welcomed me into their homes, who invited me on adventures, who shared a beer with me, or a good laugh, or a sunset. I’m thankful for those who skied with me, or went for a run with me, or climbed with me (or all three). 

This experience was amazing. I look back now and laugh at the fact that I was all but forced to apply for the Valle and was hesitant about going right up until I got on the plane. Going to Norway made aspects of my life harder – I have moved every 3 months for the past year and I am scrambling now to make up for lost time on my dissertation – but it was without a doubt worth it.

I hope to return to Norway. Sooner rather than later. For longer rather that just a few months. But even if I don’t , I know I left a bit of myself there.

View from the Tyholt Tower. I ate up here my second day in Trondheim in September, and then again with my parents in June. On the first visit I was looking out on a foreign city that I knew nothing about. On the second, I looked out at all the places I explored and a city that had become special to me.

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One Response to top 10 things i miss about trondheim

  1. suzy says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I’ve been checking in now and then and just now saw your edit that you are headed back to Trondheim. I don’t know how old that news is, but how exciting!! We are thinking a making a similar move, had an of offer that wasn’t quite right, but keeping our fingers crossed. Ideally, we’d like to be in the Oslo area. We’d love to find out more details of navigating an international move – let me know if we can email. I presume you can see my email address even though it’s not published?
    Best of luck to you! Hope to hear from you, Suzy

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