third time’s a charm

2013 seemed like a good year to shake things up.

I’m back in Trondheim for my third visit in just over a year, although this time it is less of a visit and more of a permanent move! I applied for a job last year, interviewed when I was here in the spring, and was offered the job just after I graduated this summer.

The past 3 months have been busy (although maybe less busy than say, the final 3 months of my PhD work…); wrapping up things at work, packing up my belongings, checking things off the Seattle bucket list, and saying goodbye to my dear friends. I think the busyness was good though, it kept me from freaking out about the fact that I had just decided to move to another country!

I’ve been back in Trondheim for almost a week now, and numerous times I’ve acknowledged how thankful I am for moving to a city that is familiar and comfortable to me. I had a place to stay when I first arrived (with friends), knew where the closest grocery store was, could walk around without a map in hand, had people to entertain me over the weekend…

Even so, my first day was a little rough (and I am sure it was just the first of many rough days in the whole process). But since then I’ve recuperated from the cold I caught during my travels, adjusted to having just 4 hours of daylight, started work, and signed the lease on an apartment that I love!

I’m excited to settle into my new home and my new job, and explore more of Trondheim, Norway, and Europe. Here goes nothing!

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