There are a lot of cabins in Norway. Many Norwegian families have cabins in the mountains or along the sea (or maybe one of each!). And then there are privately owned cabins and cabins owned by organizations such as NTNUI (the university sports club) or the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association). Some cabins you can drive right up too, but many aren’t accessible by car, meaning you have to hike or ski into them. Some have electricity, some have water, and some do not. My foray into Norwegian cabin culture began on my first trip to Norway in 2009, where I stayed in several DNT cabins during my trek in Jotenheimen (a national park), and continued during my time here last year with trips to Røros, Lofoten, and Geiranger.

Friends of mine reserved a NTNUI cabin (Sonnvasskoia) with the intent of having a fun ski weekend in early January. Well, back in December – when they booked the cabin – there was snow. When the weekend for the trip arrived, not so much… Regardless, we still had a great (and sunny!) weekend.


Ten of us were staying in this cabin made for eight, making it mighty cozy. Half our group, myself included, left after work on Friday, thus had to navigate to the cabin in the dark (it was about an hour’s walk, or should have been had we not made a slight detour on the way). But that extra walking meant we were extra ready for food – a delish dinner of fondue – we may not have had electricity or running water, but we can still eat a fancy meal!


The best part of arriving at your destination late at night? I love waking up to surprise views, such as this one, in the morning!


While there wasn’t enough snow to ski, it was cold enough that the ground was solid and good for walking. The Friday night crew headed for a nearby mountain top while awaiting the Saturday crew’s arrival.



P11205654 Germans and me.


The arrival of the Saturday crew meant a sing-along (there was a guitar and songbook in a cabin and we were lucky enough to have a guitar playing Frenchman in the group), more eating, and game playing.


The problem (or maybe the blessing, depending on how you look at it) with such late sun rises is it is easy to sleep in, making a short day even shorter. But we did manage to have some fun on the frozen lake before it was time to head back home.




2013-01-13 15.00.23



(jumping/group photos courtesy of Berta and Tomas)

Even though we didn’t get to ski, it was still a fabulous weekend with both old and new friends, and hopefully the first of many cabin trips in 2013!

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