mine, all mine!

Finding housing can be challenging in Trondheim. There is a limited market, in a university town. My advice, if you are looking for a place to live in Trondheim (or really anywhere), is to post your own housing wanted ad. Finn.no is the Craigslist of Norway, and hybel.no is focused on just housing.  While I actively sought out places to live using these sites, both times I’ve lived in Norway I’ve found my apartment when the owner of the apartment contacted me first.

When I first saw my current apartment, I was pretty sure it was “the one,” but still a bit hesitant to commit because it had only taken me a 3 days to find a place that I liked (I was staying in an extra bedroom at a friend’s place and didn’t feel rushed to find a place to live). But after I thought about it for the weekend, and less than a week after I arrived in Trondheim, I signed the lease!

 (My apartment is on the first floor, on the right. That big window and the lower balcony are mine.)DSC00568

Of course I didn’t have any furniture at first so it took a few days for me to move in. Since then I’ve been slowly but surely settling in. I’ve bought some stuff, borrowed some stuff, and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my crate from the US! While I’ve had some amazing roommates along the way, I haven’t lived alone since before I started graduate school – and I am relishing the fact that I don’t have to share this place with anyone!

Let me take you on a tour…

(this is a video but if you get the posts delivered to your email, you might have to go to the blog in order to view it.)


Sparsely furnished and all, I am loving it here. When I first saw the apartment location on a map I thought it was soooo far away (from what, I am not sure – I guess my old stomping grounds), but I actually love the location. I am a 30 minute walk from work (and a 10-15 minute bike ride once my bike arrives – and the ice goes away…), a 15 minute walk from Solsiden (a trendy part of town on the outskirts of the city center with plenty of shops and restaurants), 5 minutes from a nice, new grocery store, and close to some good bus connections (including an airport bus). And I am halfway up a hill, so I get quite a good workout when I am coming and going.


(A view of my street in 1913. If I looked around enough, I could find those houses still standing today.)

I’ll give you an update when I finish settling in, but for now you are welcome to come visit – you just have to bring your own cup and bowl 🙂

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