dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen…

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to go on a little adventure to combat the lack of snow blues (it has been a rather lackluster winter in Trondheim, and all of Norway I think). Overnight destination choices are limited in the winter, so Oppdal it was. Then Mother Nature decided to bring us some snow – yay! – it was decided that the adventure should obviously include skiing!


The avalanche danger level was pretty high due to the recent snow, but there was a rather chill mountain just outside of Oppdal that was a perfect destination given the conditions. The trip was a pretty standard ski tour with nice snow and a bit of sun. And then we saw them.


Reindeer! Lots of them!


Half the herd passed right in front of us before we got a bit too close. The second half of the herd then circled back and let us continue up the mountain before joining the rest of the group once we were again at a safe distance. It was pretty awesome, even if I did feel guilty for ordering the reindeer when I was out to dinner a few days before…


Another highlight of the trip was passing a couple of groups of Norwegians both on the uphill and the downhill. In general, Norwegians are so fast on skis (and on their feet) so I feel pretty good about myself when I manage to pass one, especially if they aren’t 30+ years my elder!


Just another day (and another ski trip) in Norway…

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