ice ice baby

You know how when it snows in Seattle they don’t plow the roads or put down salt, and then it gets a bit warmer, everything turns to ice, and the whole city shuts down for a few days?

Well, the same thing happens here, but instead of the city shutting down, it is business as usual! Winter tires for both cars and bikes do make getting around easier, but the sidewalks… man, those are treacherous! According to an article in the paper last week, the hospital was seeing dozens of broken bones each day during this last icy stretch!

I faithfully wear my brodder (shoe spikes). I was told recently, only two types of people wear brodder, old people and foreigners – but last I checked, I was a foreigner, so I am okay with it. For the most part they work great. I can even use them on my runs.

But meet my nemesis, my driveway:


Yes, it looks innocent enough when covered when fresh snow. But it was my biggest worry – like kept me up at night thinking about it level of worry! – when I was deciding on whether or not to take my apartment. And for good reason…


I’m proud to say that I made it down, and back up!, several times without incident. And with the warm weather this week (I’ve only been here 2 months and I already consider 5 deg warm…) the ice is melting at a rapid pace, which is a bit of a relief.

I’m far from an expert on the ice but with baby-steps (literally) I’m getting there!

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One Response to ice ice baby

  1. Julie says:

    Stick to walking on the snow. I would never make it there.

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