and then there was light

Winter is far from over here – we got several inches of snow last night – but we’ve started to come out of the darkness! When I arrived (January 2nd), the sun rose at 9:58am and then set just less than 5 hours later at 2:47pm. Now, a mere 2+ months later, the sun rises at 6:47am and sets at 6:11pm!

I feel like I’ve been doing a bit of hibernation these past few months, sleeping in on the weekends and going home right after work, but I have justified it as preparation for the long summer days ahead.

I still haven’t survived a whole winter, but I have survived to half-winters and managed to stay sane, happy and healthy. Although I have decided that next year I am getting one of those alarm the lights up as it is time to get up. I’ve never been a morning person, and it is certainly not any easier to be one in Norway in the winter!

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One Response to and then there was light

  1. Kristina says:

    The light alarm clocks are LIFE SAVERS! Perhaps I will bring you one when I come visit!

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