The English bar in town (not to be confused with the Irish bar, the Scottish bar, or the American bar) holds trivia, in English, every couple of weeks. Having pretty much sucked at trivia in Seattle, it is a nice surprise to be on a successful team here in Trondheim. In general, I do think the questions are easier, but at the same time there is a decent spread of the final scores of teams. Maybe it helps that our team is very international with people with roots from 5 different continents (all but Asia and Antarctica).

Trivia is free – which is a sweet deal here in expensive Trondheim. Each week’s winner gets a pitcher of beer. And even better, at the end of the season (6 or 7 weeks), the overall winning team wins 2000 kr (about $350) for dinner at a nice restaurant in town!

Surprise, surprise – guess whose team won in their rookie season!


It was one of the best dinners I’ve had in Norway so far (maybe because it wasn’t Norwegian food, ha ha!).

Unfortunately some of our team members have moved from Trondheim (they were commemorated at dinner) and more will be leaving this summer, but hopefully we will manage without them.

GO Armitage Shanks!

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