pedaling into summer

While the September weather has been beautiful thus far, fall is definitely upon us here in Trondheim. The mornings are a bit more chilly, the leaves are starting to change, and this evening I drank my first pumpkin beer – yay!


Norway has yet to join the pumpkin beer trend, but a friend brewed up a batch and it is oh so good!

With the inevitable fall rain settling soon, it seems like a good time to reminisce about summer.

Looking back, summer might have been a bit short, but it was a good one. And I have a tan. So despite those few depressing weeks in July where I almost turned on the heat, I did manage to soak up some sun (if not in Norway, at least elsewhere in Europe).

After my June travels, I kicked off summer in Norway with a bike trip. I had this idea to bike around Ørland ever since someone mentioned it over a year ago. Friends of mine also had that on their summer to-do list so we decided to keep an eye out for a nice weekend to make it happen. We also decided why just bike when we could bike camp instead.

Despite a drizzly start, it was the first weekend that truly felt like summer in Trondheim. A friend of mine was awesome enough to lend me her bike trailer and some panniers, which made the trip so much easier (says the girl who didn’t have to pull the bike trailer behind her…)

photo (13)

In Norway you have the right to camp almost anywhere, which we did – resulting in this primo campsite location.

photo (9)

Biking through Ørland (which is across the fjord from Trondheim) reminded me of biking in the San Juans. There were rolling hills, views of the water, and farm houses around every corner. We biked about 80 kilometers (50 miles) over the 2 days.

photo (6)

And we celebrated completing our “long” day on the saddle with a swim in the fjord. You had to swim around the boats before you could claim your happy hour beer, no exceptions.

photo (2)_edited-1

It seems that Ørland was worth the wait. Two thumbs up to bike camping. And yay to weekend adventures with friends!


Note: Summer in Norway is defined as days were the 24-hour average temperature is at least 10 deg C. Which is like 50 deg F. This is a for reals definition, I saw it on wikipedia (and in the newspaper)…

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hello, yellow tent!

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