3 things i didn’t know i *needed* until i moved to norway

In the US I bought pre-sliced cheese 95% of the time. In Norway I buy a big block of cheese and slice it with my cheese slicer, which was invented in Norway! So easy and so convenient! But just be careful, you can hurt yourself (I’ll spare you a picture of the huge gouge I have in the side of my thumb).


In the US I hated peeling vegetables (I blame it on my left-handedness). In Norway I actually look forward to peeling my daily carrots because of my fun, new peeler. Granted, I don’t know if you can actually get one in Norway  (I was introduced to the peeler by a German and bought mine in Switzerland). And this isn’t just any vegetable peeler. It is made by Victorinox – the company that makes Swiss Army Knives. Go big or go home!


In the US, I boiled water in a kettle on the stove every morning. In Norway I use an electric “water cooker.” So much faster, and no problem if you forget about it/get involved with something else, as it shuts off on its own. You can even use it to pre-boil water for say, cooking pasta. My parents do use an electric tea kettle, but I had never thought of one for myself until I moved to Norway. It is definitely my most used kitchen appliance.


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2 Responses to 3 things i didn’t know i *needed* until i moved to norway

  1. NOLAGirlie says:

    My family in Norway sent a cheese slicer when we got married! And I tell everyone it was invented in Norway!!

    Must look into this peeler.

  2. Gretar says:

    So interesting. All of which are also daily household objects in Iceland. Small “cultural differences” between two western nations can sometimes amaze me… good job!

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