the land of happy cows (switzerland)

My summer holiday started in Germany and was going to end in France, but I had a few days in the middle to play around with. So I decided to spend those days literally in the middle – geographically speaking. In Switzerland! And if spending a few days in Switzerland wasn’t sweet enough, I also got to spend time with one of my college roommates! Cristen was visiting her sister for several weeks in Frankfurt and was able to sneak away for a few days to frolic in the mountains with me. She was the perfect Switzerland companion because she was on her first trip to Europe so was like a little kid in awe of everything, but without all the whiny-ness that comes with being 10. And because she wasn’t 10, she was old enough to drink a beer (or several) with me.

image (3)_edited-1

Because we didn’t have much time there (only 43 hours!), or much time to plan, we ended up staying in Interlaken. Interlaken was fine but it didn’t have the charm of the villages further up in the mountains. Next time I’d stay in Murren or Grindelwalk or the like, but for this trip Interlaken provide quick access to the mountains and gave us a lot of hiking options. And we stayed in a really great guest house in an upgraded room with a view from the balcony (Sunny Days B&B). What a beautiful view, isn’t that crane purdy!?!?


It was cloudy and drizzly on our first day in Interlaken, but that gave us time to wander around, catch up over a drink, and then fuel up for the next days hike. And given our shared love of cheeeeese, fondue was on the menu for our first dinner in Switzerland.


The next day the clouds parted and we were treated to the most amazing views. Seriously, I was there and it still doesn’t look real in the pictures!



We did a rather leisurely hike, stopping to watch cows and paragliders, have lunch at a little restaurant along the trail and take a short nap in the sunshine. It was an absolutely perfect day. We took the train back to Interlaken after the sun had set, and like that – our 2 days in Switzerland was over. Cristen headed back to Germany and I went onwards to France. IMG_4672_edited-1


But hopefully I’ve convinced Cristen that she should come meet me in Europe next summer too! Anyone else want to join? 


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