thanksgiving abroad

It wasn’t my first Thanksgiving in Norway, but it was the first time I hosted Thanksgiving, regardless of the continent. I had 11 people over (some American, some Norwegian, and the rest from elsewhere in Europe). For some it was their first Thanksgiving, so thankfully they wouldn’t know if I messed it up… One of my friends said she had never had turkey before! 

Because we obviously don’t get the day off (I actually had an all-day seminar at work, followed by a Christmas party), Thanksgiving in Norway is held on a Saturday…

photo 4

Gathering all the ingredients was pretty easy. European ovens are pretty small, but thankfully so are Norwegian turkeys.

photo 1

I subbed out some of the coking to others, and then served as the master chef of my kitchen, with my own sous chefs for the dishes I was in charge of. The stuffing was a favorite (I used this recipe, it was easy and yummy). So much so that there were no leftovers.

photo 2

My first turkey!

Sweet potatoes is another one of the foods that is uncommon, or should I say unknown, in Europe. When I first came to Norway (2 years ago) it was really hard to find them in stores, but now you can find them most everywhere – which suits me well as I really like to eat them! I’ve made this recipe several times. It is so full of sugar and butter, how could you not love it!?

photo 3

Everyone left sufficiently stuffed and ready for Thanksgiving next year.

And after Thanksgiving successfully celebrated, we have moved fully into the Christmas season – the Nutcracker, Christmas tree lightings, the Norwegian version of gingerbread cookies, and most importantly SNOW!

Image (2)

And 2 weeks from now I’ll be headed back to the US for the first time in a year! Excited would be an understatement.

{For your reading pleasure, NPR did a series about Thanksgivings Abroad:

Project Xpat: Thanksgiving In Faraway Lands (Hell, Norway – which is mentioned here is only about 30 minutes North of here. You can actually take a train to Hell…)

Project Xpat: Recalling Thanksgivings Abroad}

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