winter shenanigans in the winter that wasn’t

While many of you in the US had your fill (plus more) of this snow this winter, winter wasn’t very winter-like here in Trondheim this year. We had only 2 snowfall, both with less than a foot of snow. The first was in late November, and then there was nothing (seriously, nothing!) until mid-March. In February the average temperature (gjennomsnittstemperatur, yes all one word) was only below freezing 3 days (note, those temps are in Celsius).

(from Varmestefebruar1791

I wore my warm winter boots, which I just about lived in last winter, less than 5 times. My big puffy and warm wool pants never left my closet. Neither did my wool long underwear. Some people thought the mild winter is great, but in my opinion, if you have to deal with 4 hours of daylight for several months, you might as well do it on skis!

Even without much snow the winter was eventful and there was still some fun to be had.

The highlight of January was a trip to DC where I got to see my favorite Villanova ladies and all my grad school friends (and hit up Target).

photo 2 (3)

In February there was a cabin trip. No snow, but at least there was sun and good people! And some ice to keep us entertained.

photo 1 (3)

I also went skiing in Lillehammer and finally made it to Åre (Sweden’s largest ski resort – fun skiing but no pictures to show for it).

In March I got to check an item off the to-do list. It seems that it is still possible to ski jump when there is no snow on the ground (World Cup in Granåsen). A local Tronder won! Note – watching ski jump isn’t all that exciting. I had heard that from several people, and can now confirm it myself. Really, what I want to watch is Biathalon. It isn’t a sport that gets much airtime in the US, but it is seriously exciting!

photo (26)

And just as I was starting to be be resigned to the fact that spring is indeed coming, there was a enough snow for a trip to Røros. I didn’t go quite as planned, but we still got in 16 miles of skiing in 2 days (the farthest I’ve ever skiied on my fjellski – metal edged xc skis).


It started out sunny enough… Until the wind and clouds rolled in, making it really difficult to navigate. We made the decision to turn back and ended up spending the night in a small but cozy room in town. You always second guess those decisions – could we have made it to the cabin we were headed towards if we just pressed on? – but after talking with a friend familiar with the area, I think maybe we made the right choice. I’d rather spent the evening drinking beers and playing games in our hotel room as we did, instead of wandering around in the dark and cold in search of the cabin. But there is always next time!

photo 5 (2)

Good news on the cross-country skiing front: I am not fast, but I now spend more time on my feet than on the ground! Only 3 falls during the Røros trip – all within 2 minutes of one another, while wearing a big backpack and going downhill on some icy snow.

To cap off March, I finally made it out for a proper ski tour this past weekend. It was a fabulous day of going for a drive (and more importantly sing along with the car radio, a novelty these days), sunny skiing, and nice views. All that was missing was a stop for a burger and a beer on the way home. Seriously, that is one of the things I miss the most about living in Washington – stopping for good food and drink on the way home from mountain adventures.


And there you have it, the winter that wasn’t, in one big post. It was quite a bummer, but could have been worse. I’m just hoping that next winter makes up for it.

Now that the sun is setting at 8pm and the temps are getting warmer, I’m starting to warm about to the idea of spring myself. Bring on barbeque season!

photo 1 (4)

Look, no socks!

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