Why Norway?

My first trip to Norway was back in 2009. A friend of mine had just finished up a research abroad stint in Copenhagen and after spending a few days with her in Denmark, we headed north for 10 days in Norway. We tromped through rainy Oslo, trekked through amazing Jotunheimen, and basked in the sun in Bergen (yes, 3 whole days of sun in Bergen!). When I left Norway, I said there was no doubt I’d be back someday.

(Jotunheimen National Park, July 2009) 

Two years later I found myself on my own research abroad experience (my university/department has a Scandinavian scholarship and exchange program). I spent 6 months (3 in the fall and 3 in the spring) in Trondheim, Norway. It was an amazing experience – full of good people and outdoor adventures. Amazing enough that when a job in my field opened up in Trondheim, I applied!

(Trondheim from the Tyholt Tower, June 2012) 

The whole job application process tested my patience (things can move really sloooowly in Norway), but now I can say it was worth the wait! 2013 is beginning with a one-way flight to Norway. I am excited and I am nervous, and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!


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