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thanksgiving matpakke

Lunch culture in Norway revolves around the matpakke. A matpakke (translated – food pack) is lunch from home – typically slices of bread with some sort of pålegg (sandwich fixin’s) on top. These include cheese (white or brown), salami, sliced … Continue reading

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frankfurt, germany

Earlier this fall I had a conference to attend in Frankfurt and, as I am wont to do, I arrived a few days early to do some exploring. Similar to last year’s trip to Brussels, Frankfurt is not the most … Continue reading

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questions answered

While there are stories in my head, there never seems to be the time (or motivation) to put them on paper (otherwise known as the blog). I really want to work on this because I enjoy reading about people’s experiences … Continue reading

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a hungarian wedding

The purpose of the trip to Budapest was to attend a wedding. I can attest that if you search in Google for “what to wear to a wedding in Hungary,” you won’t get much help (although after I publish this … Continue reading

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I’m a sucker for new places. When Julian’s high school friend invited us to his wedding, I managed to find a way to get there despite unreasonable high ticket prices (gotta love Mom and her million – literally – airline … Continue reading

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